M.S.M. Pontex Ltd began its activity in 1994.

The company was established by a team of experienced design engineers being specialists in designing engineering structures (bridges, culverts, retaining walls, subways,protection of deep excavations in dircet vicinity of existing buildings).

On the list of our achivements are Ministerial prize awarded to us and many patents granted for bridge construction works, as well as a multifunctional Kordecki Father Assembly Hall in Jasna Góra monastery.
We are experienced as chief project engineers of big railway and road projects.
We are experienced namely in the fields of designing and consulting services comprising:

  • designing of bridge and other engineering structures,
  • working out expert reports, opinions or technical appraisals of bridge and other engineering structures,
  • designing of foundations with usage of piles, micropiles, cavity walls, replacement of ground and soil foundation stabilization by injection,
  • designing of repair and reinforcement of bridges and other engineering structures,
  • designing of passages and subways,
  • designing of culverts according to a mining method (without digging up),
  • designing of ground anchors,
  • designing of sealing the structures with usage of cement or resins for removal of cracks and delamination of the structures,
  • designing of renovation of structures with usage of gunite,employer's supervision and trusteeship in the field of bridge and road construction,consulting and opinions concerning building on mining areas,supervision and technical advisory during execution of engineering structures.

A detailed technical and economic analysis is distinctive feature of our designs, which ensures their high quality and enables minimizing costs of the exucution of structures.Owing to our designs, alternative to the designs worked out by other designing companies, our Employer's saved considerable amounts of money.

As our design engineers are well experienced we also acts as a consulting company.Every year we work out several to a dozen or so expert reports,opinions or appraisals of existing bridge structures. In order to illustrate our designing capabilities I stipulate below some designing projects, namely:

  • working out designs for rebuilding of 55 bridge structures together with protection of 3 slope failures on the modernised railway track Żywiec - Zwardoń
  • building and final designs of bridge structures on the southern motorway by-pass of Kraków town and structures on the integrated grade separated intechange Myślenicka street - motorway
  • the design of reconstruction of a railway bridge in Chałupki at the Polish-Czechborder.We also entirely coordinated execution of the works, which resulted in putting one track for railway traffic into service within 2 months
  • the building and final design of the arch bridge in Laliki within the framework of construction of S-94 Żywiec - Zwardoń road
  • the building and final design of a section of the Regional Highway Route. Within the framework of this project we designed a 600 metres long flyover (for two carriageways). In this design we firstly used in Poland a technology of slidable scaffolds with a suspended shuttering. This was a comprehensive design, which comprised the reconstruction of the entire engineering infrastructure
  • designs of bridge structures within the framework of Stęślickiego street in Katowice project, including the design of a ratining wall, a few hundred meters long,constructed based on a cavity wall technology (in extremely difficult ground conditions)
  • the unique design of protection of the bulding (within the framework of construction of the Transport Service Centre of Kraków), owing to which there was no need to relocate the utilities and a 7 metres deep excavation was made 1.5 metre from the building.

Apart from the above listed designs, the designing team also worked out the design of the Assembly Hall in Jasna Góra monastery in Częstochowa.This building was constructed between the historical walls and buildings of Hospice and Arsenal (museum).The Assembly Hall is founded from 7.5 to 11.5 metres below the foundations of the buildings.The hall was designed for 1300 seats in the main portion. There is also a technical
facilities house and a car park at the level below the main hall.

We also designed structures of poles and their foundations for the stadium of FC Górnik Zabrze and for Centertel mobile fone operator.
The company employes 15 full time employees and if the need arises concludesworks contracts with design engineers of utilities (gas, water, central heating etc).
The company is furnished with up-to-date engineering software, which
enables effective, economic and safe designing of structures.



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